Questionnaire on the Review of the EPCIP

Dear workshop participant,

EUSTO directly contributes to the review of the European Programme on Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP). This questionnaire is targeted to stakeholders involved in critical infrastructure protection, i.e. infrastructure owners/operators, surface transport operators, national and European representatives and researchers. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information on:

  • knowledge on European regulations and supporting measures related to Critical Infrastructure Protection,
  • perceived effectivity of the EPCIP on surface transport security,
  • suggestions for the update of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection and especially the directive 2008/114

The questionnaire comprises closed as well as open questions and we kindly ask you to provide detailed information wherever possible. EUSTO will treat your answers strictly confidentially and present findings only in anonymized way. It is not needed that you disclose any confidential information regarding your organisation or a specific critical infrastructure.

Your contributions are highly appreciated! From your feedback, the EUSTO White Paper on the Review of the EPCIP will be created. Please fill out the online questionnaire carefully according to your expertise during the workshop and return it to the EUSTO-partner Fraunhofer as stated below. Please insert your contact details for the case that we need to resolve questions regarding your answers.

Thank you in advance,

Dr. Ralf Hedel