Dissemination activities in the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience in Europe Conference - 2nd-3rd March, Hague 2016

On 2nd-3rd March 2016, the EUSTO consortium was represent by KEMEA at the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience in Europe conference that took place in Hague, Netherlands.

The conference delivered discussion and thought provoking presentations on many of the serious critical infrastructure protection, management and security issues and challenges facing the industry.

• High level conference with leading industry speakers and professionals
• Learn from experiences and challenges from the infrastructure and security companies, agencies and commercial organisations
• Gain insight into national and regional policy and security developments in relation to CIP
• Constructive debate, educational opportunities and cooperation advocacy
• Share ideas and facilitate in valuable inter-departmental, government and agency cooperation
• Exhibition showcasing leading technologies and products
• Networking events and opportunities

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe attracted:

• National government agencies responsible for national security and emergency/contingency planning
• Police and Security Agencies
• Emergency Services
• Local Government
• Facilities Managers – Nuclear, Power, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Telecommunications, Banking and Financial, ISP’s, data centres, water supply
• IT, Cyber Security and Information Managers
• Port Security Managers
• Airport Security Managers
• Transport Security Managers
• Event Security Managers
• Architects
• Civil Engineers
• EU
• Military
• Border Officials

Industry sectors include: 

• Government, national and local
• Civil Contingencies, National Security Agencies and Ministry Infrastructure Departments
• CNI Operators
• Energy operators, grid, T&D, power generators
• Telecommunications and Mobile Operators
• Water and Utilities Suppliers
• Banking and Financial institutions
• Data Centres
• International Corporations

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 16:15
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