3rd EUSTO Workshop

The 3rd EUSTO Workshop took place on Friday 04th of December 2015, at the Cultural Center of European University Cyprus, in Nicosia (Cyprus). This workshop was the second one workshop addressed to Surface Transport Operators / Owners. Actually, this Workshop was the main instrument for supporting the dialogue between all involved stakeholders on an EU level. The Workshop tried to form a reference OSP template document to be produced and available to the related community at all levels. Six speakers coming from Europe, and one from U.S.A, all with expertise in security transportation issues shared their knowledge and experiences applied in their working places, aiming to achieve the appropriate protection to the Critical Infrastructures in the transportation domain. Also, during the workshop, a session of presentations was dedicated for describing the local experiences and concerns in Cyprus by two Operators and two Consultants regarding the Security issues of Transportation. Finally, all the participants divided in two groups and discussed about the topics that should be included on the Operators Security Plan (OSP) in order to satisfy the requirements of the EU Directive 114/2008.

The outcomes of the 3rd EUSTO forum as regards the OSP template development were:

  • EUSTO plans to build common guidelines for developing OSP for Surface Transport CI, that have an EU dimension and will be based on industry best practices, in pursue of the objectives of Directive 114/2008
  • The OSP template document will be produced and will be available to the related community at all levels, where all surface transport infrastructure operators will be able to follow in order to devise a reliable and consolidated protection program.  

During the event the participants of 3rd EUSTO Forum were separated in two working groups, in order to provide information and knowledge regarding the OSP template development. Based on the conversation and the transfer knowledge between the project’s partners and the participants of this team, the thematic areas proposed were accumulated as a significant part to be incorporated in the content of the OSP template.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 12:00
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