Publication about 2nd EUSTO forum on Sina Group newsletter

The newsletter was sent to about 1500 contacts around the world, mostly road transport managers and operators. The newsletter can be found here

Dissemination activities in the CIPS IV Workshop – Brussels

The CIPS projects where the CIPS IV took place on 19 November 2014 (Brussels) are financed by DG HOME within the framework of the specific programme "Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security related risks". In this workshop Kemea presented the EUSTO project as well as disseminated through the participants (NCPs CIPS) the EUSTO Questionnaire.

Dissemination activities in the CRITIS 2014 conference

The 9th International CRITIS 2014 conference took place from Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th October 2014 at the Conferences Rooms “Grand Hall B” and “Grand Hall C” of the Hotel Grand Resort, Limassol, Cyprus. The aim of EUSTO dissemination activities in the 9th International CRITIS 2014 conference was the introduction of the project in the EU Critical Information Infrastructures Security Community such as researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government organizations working in the field of the security of critical infrastructure systems. This dissemination event ended with a very positive and fruitful exchange of opinions and possible future cooperation.


EUSTO presented at Critical Infrastructure Protection Workshop


KEMEA coorganised with Joint Research Center and hosted in it's premises a two-day workshop (14 & 15 of Decenber 2015) on Critical Infrastructure Protection. More than 160 experts and representatives from Energy, Transport and Telecommunication CIs, both from Public and Private sector, attended the workshop. Moreover, representatives from related Ministries, Organisations, Agencies and Public Bodies, have participated.
During the first day of the workshop KEMEA's and JRC's experts presented innovative methods and simulation models for CIP. A dedicated session for KEMEA’s research activities regarding CIP was held, where EUSTO project was presented. In the second day, best practices for security planning were presented and a table top exercise was conducted, based on a natural disaster scenario, where all attendees participated and cooperated. For more:



EUSTO at Incident Reporting in Land Transport Security Conference

KEMEA has participated on 6-7 October 2015 in Brussels the “Conference on Incident Reporting in Land Transport Security”. During the conference, KEMEA collected at the EU level, the stakeholder’s needs, as well as information on best practices, emerging threats, lessons learned and SOP.
 EUSTO dissemination material was distributed to the participants and information regarding the project were shared with them. Moreover, during the networking activities, possible participants for the next Forum were identified. Three of the above contacts (Mr Alexopoulos, Cook & Evtimov) were invited and joined as presenters of the 3rd EUSTO Forum.
Some findings from the conference were:

  • Needed a pragmatic approach offering added value to both public and private organisations;
  • Needed a simple approach encouraging the reporting of essential data only via an intuitive and user-friendly IT application.
  • A coherent and comprehensive database on land transport security incidents is needed at EU level if towards tackling EU wide incidents;
  • There is a distinction between a database collecting & analysing of statistics and one generating alerts as they have two different purposes. The first is primarily to assist policy-making with helping to prevent incidents taking place, while the latter is reactive by nature and is better suited to assisting law enforcement with the protection of assets. DG MOVE considers that a statistical database would be of more use to the transport sector, better fits with the EU's legal competence avoiding conflicts with data protection laws as statistics would be aggregated;




Clustering with EU-CIRCLE project


On 26th and 27th of November 2015, the 2nd consortium meeting of the EU-project EU-CIRCLE took place in Nicosia/Cyprus. The project EU-CIRCLE aims to strengthen interconnected critical infrastructures against emerging challenges of climate change. Dr. Ralf Hedel (Fraunhofer IVI Dresden/Germany member in both EU-CIRCLE and EUSTO) took the opportunity to present objectives and approach of the EUSTO-project and announce the 3rd EUSTO Workshop in Cyprus. Further, he invited the EU-CIRCLE-partners to participate in the EUSTO Final Conference planned for 2016 in Dresden/Germany. For more information on EU-CIRCLE go to www.eu-circle.eu or contact Dr. Ralf Hedel, Fraunhofer IVI, [email protected], Tel: +49 351 4640-679.